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Obstructive Sleep Apnea - (OSA)

If you have been diagnosed with OSA, call us today to schedule a consultation to see how the TAP®III can help you!

The Thornton Adjustable Positioner (TAP®) is a custom adjustable oral appliance (orthotic) that is worn while sleeping. The appliance holds the lower jaw forward, preventing the tongue and the soft tissue of the throat from collapsing into the airway.

The TAP® device provides a powerful prescription for snoring and sleep apnea. Based on the same principle as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the TAP was designed to keep the airway of the throat open to allow for air to pass. A constricted or collapsed airway causes snoring or sleep apnea.

The TAP’s simple design coupled with its high compliance rate makes it one of the most effective snoring and sleep apnea devices available. The TAP is also the primary oral appliance replacement for the Continuous Positive Airway (CPAP) machine and surgery.